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UDACITY virtually anywhere and everywhere for almost free

Dated: August 24 2012

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What is Udacity?

Udacity is a collaboration of several major university professors to provide free  or low cost courses online. All the courses are open and available to anyone. Simply sign up and complete the course at your own pace – no exam deadlines. Certificates are available once the class has been completed. For more information, Google the word Udacity to read all about it and sign up for their newsletter. See what courses fit your interests or needs!

So you can be in the comfort of your home in Florham Park or Madison or Chatham - sitting at your kitchen table or in the den or library - challenged by one of your new classes at Udacity!

A sample of this semester’s up and coming courses:

Intro to Computer Science – taught by Dave Evans

Here you will learn concepts in computer science and learn how to write your own computer programs in the context of building a web crawler.

Intro to Physics – taught by Andy Brown and Jonathan Burket

Virtual class studying physics abroad! Here you will learn the basics of physics on location in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK.  Deal with questions that have challenged scientists and mathematicians for over 2000 years. [Ouch!]

Intro to Statistics – taught by Sebastian Thrun and Adam Sherwin

Understand how to extract meaning from data. The professors will introduce techniques for visualizing relationships in data and systematic techniques for understanding the relationships using mathematics. [Obviously not for everyone!]

It’s free or almost free -  get motivated and go for the challenge!

Ref. Udacity newsletter

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