True Blood Episode in Florham Park

Dated: August 15 2012

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True Blood Next Episode in Florham Park
You Can Make a Difference - Really!

     Northern New Jersey has a severe blood shortage as supplies are critically low.  To assist with this situation the Florham Park Community Blood Drive will take place August 22, 2012. The Blood Center of New Jersey will have their bloodmobile parked near the firehouse at 315 Brooklake Road, Florham Park, between 4pm and 7pm.

     You will need to bring you ID, and please make sure to eat before donating.

     Did you know blood is needed somewhere every three seconds?

     Did you know one out of every three people will need blood donated  in their lifetime?

     Did you know one out of ten hospital patients needs a blood transfusion?

     Did you know that 60 percent of Americans are eligible to donate blood?

     Did you know that ONLY 5 percent of those eligible to donate actually do so?

     And did you know that ONLY ONE (1) percent of those eligible to donate in New Jersey?

     Now you do. So now you are empowered with the knowledge that you can make a difference.

    Who can donate? You must not donate blood if you have AIDS or one of its symptoms, or are at risk of getting or spreading the AIDS virus. You will be deferred from giving blood if you have had your teeth cleaned in the previous 24 hours, or have had dental work done in the previous 72 hours.  You will also be delayed in giving blood if you have a sore throat, fever, weigh less than 120 pound or if you traveled to an area considered endemic to malaria within the past twelve months.

    You can donate blood if you are over 16 years of age and have parental consent form signed by your parent or guardian. You may donate blood every 8 weeks.      

Some of the most common uses for blood are:
•    Coronary artery bypasses
•     Open-heart surgery
•    Bleeding ulcers
•    Fractured hip or joint replacement
•     Brain surgery
•    Prostate cancer patients
•     Aneurysms surgery
•    Trauma victims
•     Organ transplant surgery
•     Bone marrow transplants.

    Can’t get to the Florham Park Volunteer Firehouse on August 22, 2012; no problem.  Just do a Google search for where you can donate blood in your area and make that appointment, make a difference

You can also help by passing this blog to your friends, family members, and co-workers.

Thanks, I knew you could do it!

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