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Tips For Your Morning Commute

Dated: February 27 2014

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Commuting is the sacrifice we make for having a bigger yard, better school systems, and a quieter way of life in New Jersey. It also bleeds time and energy away from mornings and evenings with our families, hobbies, much-needed exercise, and a fun-filled nightlife.

Here are a few tips for maximizing free time for New Jersey commuters.

1.) Shave seconds off the commute.
Mashable, the source for social media news, lists the seven best smart phone apps for cutting down commuter time as Best the Traffic, Bike Maps, Daily Commute, Waze, HopStop, Moovit and iNextBus. New Jersey Transit has its own mobile ticketing app as well, eliminating the need for paper tickets and time in line.
2.) Make the morning routine more efficient.
Iron your work clothes the night before, or even better, all of the week's outfits on Sunday. Breakfast is a must, no matter what. Cooking Light outlines nearly twenty, healthy, on-the go recipes for muesli, smoothies, yogurt parfaits and the like. If cooking isn't your thing, Amy's Kitchen has nutritious, frozen breakfast burritos.
3.) Meditate for five or ten minutes.
Experiencing thoughtlessness for a short period of time every morning helps clear up the chatter for the rest of your day. Stress becomes more manageable; focus is greater. Give meditation time and practice if you are a beginner. Nothing happens overnight! There are even morning meditation apps, which provide some guidance and relaxation.
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