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Space Saving Gardens

Dated: July 30 2015

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To have a bountiful garden doesn't necessarily mean it has to be big and elaborate. A little bit of strategy and some seeds goes a long way. Knowing your environment: weather, soil, rain fall, sun exposure, protection from wildlife etc helps tremendously in a successful garden. Living in Northwest NJ in the mountains of Sussex county, Sparta's climate is slighter cooler than if you went 15-20 minutes south to let's say Denville, Parsippany, or even neighboring Rockaway. 


Knowing this, I planted my seeds a little later and in an area I knew would have sun longer in the day even if some of the veggies needed partial sun. This is because it is about 8-10 degrees cooler in my neck of the woods and plants need sun and water to grow. Seems like common sense but this can easily be overlooked. I also planted in a small open area where I was able to place some small trellises to help veggies like snap peas, cucumbers, peppers and squash grow vertical to save space. WHAT?!! Yes, you read that correctly, go up! This is just one of many space-saving techniques that  helps in establishing a high-yielding garden. It also helps against produce rot. You want to check your garden regularly and not let ripe veggies sit on the ground for too long and go to waste. Here's my garden in full bloom. This is with just a few seeds, inexpensive materials, water and sunshine. I may have spent $15-20 to yield over $200 worth of produce so far! Have questions on anything you've read here? Feel free to contact me I'd love to help you get your garden started!

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