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Save On Your A/C Costs

Whether you live in Morristown Town, Morris Twp. Florham Park Boro, Roxbury Twp., Madison Boro, Chatham Boro, Denville Twp., Morris Plains Boro, Hanover Twp or Harding Twp. -  A/C costs can be staggering during the summer months!

Most of us cringe when summer comes along; not because of the wonderful warm weather but due to thoughts of our increased utility bills!  A few tips to help us all with costs..

Summer is coming, and you’ll probably rely on your air conditioning to stay cool. If you don’t want to pay too much during the hottest months of the year, check out this advice:

Check your insulation. Unless your home is new, chances are you’re losing cool air through cracks and poorly sealed doors and windows. Contact your utility provider or a contractor for an energy audit to determine where the air is escaping.

Place your thermostat in the correct location. Don’t place it near a hot window, for example, or it will turn on too quickly. Pick a cooler, shaded location so it won’t think rooms are hotter than they really are.

Keep blinds closed. This simple action during the hottest periods of the day will keep you cooler and will add a layer of insulation to your windows.

Use fans. Fans use less energy, and air circulation will make rooms feel cooler.

Turn down the thermostat when you leave. Many people assume that maintaining a steady temperature 24 hours a day is more efficient, but you’ll use less energy by changing the thermostat when you’re out.

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