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Dated: September 18 2018

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The county seat of Morris is as important historically to the United States as Gettysburg or Boston Harbor. George Washington led the Continental army from Morristown. His headquarters are now a museum on Washington Place; the army’s encampment is now Morristown National Historical Park. The Patriot’s Path winds through town, following the Whippany River.

Fully restored colonial and Victorian homes are common. Even the Morristown Green, the town square that hosts concerts and cultural events, was a Revolutionary War era military base.

In Morristown’s Speedwell Ironworks, Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail created the first telegraph and sent the first telegraph message. The factory, which also manufactured parts for the first steamboat to cross the Atlantic, is now a National Landmark as well as a museum full of interactive exhibits.

History aside, Morristown is the county’s Hoboken, full of hip restaurants, coffee houses, bars, boutique shops, and performing arts venues. The downtown is pedestrian-friendly. It also provides easy train access to Manhattan via the Morristown Line, a short walk from the Green. The commute is slightly more than one hour from Morristown to New York Penn Station. The line also provides services to Newark, Secaucus, and Hoboken.

The non-profit Mayo Performing Arts Center, located on South Street, is a gem in the heart of downtown Morristown. It hosts ballet, symphony orchestras, comedy, jazz, and the occasional rock band.

Of the 611 school districts in New Jersey, the Morris School District ranks 316th. Morristown High School, which includes students from Morristown, Morris Plains, and Morris Township, is ranked 280th out of 409 New Jersey public high schools.

The estimated median household income in Morristown ($86,418) is relatively close to the state average ($76,126). The estimated median home value is $439,174, which is almost $90,000 higher than the state average.

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