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Morris County Secret Arboretum

Dated: April 26 2016

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Looking for peace and quiet? Image titleYearn for a place to walk off the day's stress or commune with nature for a bit? 

Morris County's Frelinghuysen Arboretum provides that special place for all ages and all walks of life. From the gorgeous cherry blossoms to the unique herb gardens behind the scenes, this heavenly path that finds one enjoying the talents of those who can grow just about anything.  

Strap on your Fitbit or Apple watch and start walking - you can post up some serious steps by simply looping around the front of the historic Frelinghuysen estate. Feel like you need to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle? Go for a stroll behind the water falls and estate, look for the large path that loops around the back of the big white building, and walk among the trees. Never too busy and always a fun place to let the children stretch their legs. 

Morris County's Frelinghuysen Arboretum is located at 353 E. Hanover Ave, Morristown, NJ.  Entrance is directly across from the Morris County Library.


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