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Dated: July 17 2017

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Keep Stress Down During Vacation

Family vacations are important. It helps refuel yourself, reengage with family members and simply remind us what's important in life!

Here are some helpful hints for reducing stress during what should be a fun and relaxing time:

Recognize the signs of stress, such as irritability and anxiety. Avoid these by getting a handle on things instead of just letting them happen. For instance, if you know the car trip will be stressful, be prepared to take breaks, play games, and listen to audio books.

Allow yourself to say “No.” Be realistic about what you can do during vacation. Give everyone a chance to have a say, but after careful consideration, be willing to say no.

Watch your diet. It’s easy to overindulge on vacation, and too much sugar and junk food can affect your mood. Sugar overload will make you sluggish, for example, and the stimulating effect of caffeine may make you overanxious.

Exercise. Take a run in the morning before heading off to the sites. Not only will it combat those extra calories you’re consuming, it will also relieve tension and provide relaxation.

Whether you are traveling local - Morristown Town,  Madison Boro, Morris Twp, Parsippany-Troy Hills Twp, Florham Park Boro and Livingston Twp.. wherever.. Keep the stress at home this vacation!

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