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Free Tax Assessment Review offered for Tax Appeal

Dated: September 23 2012

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Get Ready for Tax Appeal Time!

Tax Appeal time is just around the corner and for those NJ home owners who are considering a tax appeal, here are a few suggestions and tidbits to help you along the way:

o   Property taxes must be paid and current

o   Residents not filing as a corporation or business entity of any kind can pursue the appeal without the assistance of an attorney

o   All values considered in the tax appeal are based on properties sold on or before October 1 of the previous year. For example, if you file an appeal this April 2013, all the properties of similar like-kind must have closed on October 1st or before

o   There is an accepted range of 15% below or above your assessed value. The tax assessor’s value can be 15% below or 15% above what the appeal is projecting. If it is more than 15%, your chance for an appeal is promising

o   There is often an informal review process on behalf of both the property owner and the local tax assessor

o   The ‘burden of proof’ is strictly on the homeowner and comparable market sales are required for that proof

o   If the review and comparables present an opportunity to file a formal application with the county, then consider it

o   Contact the county tax board for an application and remember all the dates are time sensitive. The application fee is typically under $200 but the expensr msy well worth it

Keep in mind the tax appeal process can be lengthy and the outcome is always uncertain. It is important to be armed with as much information and data as humanly possible. Contact your local realtor to see what information is available and go to the tax department to see what has closed within the required time frame - all of that is public information.  In today’s economic environment, tax appeals are on the rise and municipalities and counties are looking to secure every possible penny they can for their budget so be prepared. If the numbers make sense, consider hiring an appraiser or a tax appeal attorney to assist with the filing and the court appearance.

Sound worthwhile? For homeowners residing in Morris Twp, Madison, Florham Park, Morristown, Denville, Randolph, Livingston, East Hanover, Short Hills, Milburn, Mendham, etc – check out the information below for a COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW of your tax assessment by OnPoint Appraisers. Actually, this offer is good for any community in New Jersey!

Here’s what John Grillo from OnPoint Appraisal Company had to say:

We have a simple system where we offer a complementary review of your assessment to determine whether you have a case for tax appeal.  Typically we only accept cases on properties that are 15% or more over assessed.  It costs nothing and all we need is the your name and address.  If we do find that you have a case for appeal then we will come in and do our appraisal and if necessary, accompany you in court if necessary.”

For more information contact: John Grillo, OnPoint Appraisers, 23 Vreeland Road, Ste 108, Florham Park, NJ 07932. Office 973.765.9100 or

Tell ‘em Bev Kalinka from ReMax Properties Unlimited sent you and get your complimentary review!

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