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Best Apple Picking Orchards in the World

Dated: September 25 2012

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Feel guilty about working all week and need to have some family time with the kids? Why not apple picking at your local orchard!

Did you know there are over twenty five hundred varieties of apples in the United States and over seventy-five hundred in the world? New Jersey offers some exceptional choices and varieties in addition to providing the best pick-your-own orchards. So why not enjoy the fall foliage, hay rides to the apple orchard and some well-deserved family time not to mention going home with bushels of apples. For locations and hours of operation, listed below are orchard options in Chester, Long Hill, Randolph, Morristown, and Princeton:

Pochuck Valley – Glenwood NJ 973-764-4732 Located just up Route 23 North, past West Milford, Jefferson, Vernon and Highland Lakes.

Mackey’s Orchard – Belvidere NJ 908-475-1507 Located just down Route 287 towards Flemington,  past Morristown, Morris Township, Randolph and Mendham.

Alstede Farms – Chester NJ 609-879-7189 This is a name we often see at local farmers markets in Morristown, East Hanover, Madison, Randolph and surrounding areas. Located not off Route 206 with easy access from Denville, Randolph, Chester, and Morristown.

Sun High Orchard – Randolph NJ 973-584-4734 The smell of fresh baked breads and pies fill the store and its guaranteed you will walk out with a few bags full of fresh produce and goodies. Located  just minutes of Route 10 in Randolph, not far from Ledgewood, Stanhope, Denville, Morristown, and Chester.

Riamende Farms – Chester NJ 908-879-5353 Complete with a variety of apples and other produce, you will not be disappointed at this stop. Minutes from Chester downtown center and centrally located for a quick stop from Randolph, Kenvil, Denville and Morristown.

Terhune Orchard – Princeton NJ 609-924-2310 Taking Route 287 South bound from Madison, Chatham , Florham Park, and Morristown – head towards Hillsborough and Route 206. Orchard is located in the Lawrenceville- Princeton area.

Fall is officially here! Enjoy the fresh air and family time with some great outdoor activities and support your local orchards.

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