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Your Local Library And Its Not Just About Books

Dated: August 19 2014

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Do not scoff and don't shrug your shoulders at the thought! Libraries offer a tremendous value to the community and Morris County has some of the best resources. First and foremost, if you haven't been to the Morris County Library located at 30 E. Hanover Ave, Whippany, please do so. Bring some form of identification since you will want to secure a library card. The ease and access for getting books from different libraries in the county is fairly seamless. You can work through the computer system at the library or ask one of the many volunteers and staff behind the main desk. It's a wonderful experience. 

Remember - it's not just about books! "Times they are a changin'.." as Bob Dylan so aptly put it. Whether you are at the Florham Park Library, Madison, Chatham, Randolph, Mountain Lakes or Kinnelon Library: books, videos, tapes, CDs and more are available. Going to Italy and need to brush up on your Italian? Grab the Rosette Stone [or similar version] and start the challenge! Rainy day and you need to change scenery for the children? Hit the library for a quick story time or have the young ones start getting familiar with being at the library. You will be glad you did!
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